Immunization Awareness Month

Vaccine-preventable disease levels are at or near record lows. However, we cannot take high immunization coverage levels for granted. To continue to protect America's children and adults, we must obtain maximum immunization coverage in all populations, establish effective partnerships, conduct reliable scientific research, implement immunization systems, and ensure vaccine safety...more


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Immunization Schedules
Child, adolescent, & catchup schedules; adult schedule; instant scheduler for children up to 6 years old; Catch-up Immunization Scheduler;
Adolescent & Adult Quiz (11 yrs & up); ...more

Recommendations & Guidelines
Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), ACIP vaccination recommendations published in MMWR, Vaccine Information Statements (VIS), vaccine administration, vaccine storage and handling, provisional recommendations, ACIP-VFC resolutions, reminder systems, recalled vaccines, ...more

Vaccines & Preventable Diseases
Vaccine shortages and delays, what diseases are vaccine preventable, questions answered about the diseases and vaccines, who should not be vaccinated, photos of diseases, potential new vaccines, vaccine basics, ...more

Requirements / Laws
School requirements, state requirements, exemptions and consent forms, HIPAA, vaccine information statements (VIS), ...more

Vaccine Side Effects & Safety
Possible vaccine side-effects, concerns about the safety of vaccines, vaccine safety research, vaccine safety datalink project, report a vaccine adverse reaction, ...more

For Parents: Why Immunize?
Understanding vaccines and their purpose, parents who question vaccines, common misconceptions, parents guide to immunizations, what risks are parents taking in their child's healthcare?, ...more

Basics and Common Questions
Common questions, why immunize, how vaccines prevent disease, immunity types, common misconceptions, risks of not vaccinating, ...more

Statistics and Surveillance
Immunization coverage rates, school and childcare vaccination surveys, other surveillance websites, related articles, worksheets, ...more
For more information, visit Center for Disease Control

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