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Silver Spring, MD

Silver Spring, Maryland

Silver Spring, Maryland is a suburban city located just north of Washington, DC in Montgomery County, MD.  Silver Spring possesses a wealth of opportunities for businesses, residents and visitors.  Over the past few years, Downtown Silver Spring has undergone a major transformation with new shops, restaurants and activities. 
Silver Spring, MD Demographics
Population 76,540
Males 48.3% Associates or Bachelor's Degree 28.1%
Females 51.7% Master's Degree or higher 24.1%
Under 18 years  17,567 Median Family Income $60,631
18-24 years 7,081 Never Married 35%
25-44 years 28,329 Married 48.3%
45-64 years 16,208 Separated, Divorced, Widowed 6.2%
65 and older 7,355 Households with Families 58%
African American 28.1% Management, professional positions 51.2%
American Indian/Eskimo 0.4% Commute Time (Average in Minutes) 33.3
Asian 8.2% Drive alone 56%
Hispanic or Latino 22.2% Carpool 13.5%
Pacific Islander/Hawaiian 0.1% Leave for work between 7:00 -7:59 am 30.9%
White 46.6%
Other 11.6%
Who are our customers?
ISP (Internet Service Providers) Used
  • 13% = Comcast
  • 13% = Starpower
  • 8% = Verizon
  • 6% = (each) Erols, Montgomery Co Govt.
  • 4% = Discovery
  • 3% = AOL
  • 2% (each) = Atlantic, NOAA, NIH, UMD
E-Mail Domains
  • 37% = Commercial (.com)
  • 35% = Network (.net)
  • 16% = Government (.gov)
  • 3% = Education (.edu)
  • 2% = Organizations (.org)
  • 2% = Military (.mil)

Information from US Census Bureau

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